Let’s Jam! for Bass


Let’s Jam! for Bass by Peter Vogl is a unique practice tool made just for bassists. The most important thing for a bassist is playing in time and, up to now, it’s been very hard for a bassist to find someone to practice with. Now you can practice with a full band without all of the pressure and effort of a rehearsal. These audio tracks cover a wide variety of music including rock, blues, reggae, pop, and funk. There are two versions of each song, a short track with bass to show what can be played on each song, and a 3 to 4 minute version without bass that you can jam along with. There are 14 original jam tracks that you can use to create your own bass lines and solos.

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1. Intro
2. Rock Groove in B with bass
3. Rock Groove in B w/o bass
4. Rock Vamp in Am with bass
5. Rock Vamp in Am w/o bass
6. DOA with bass
7. DOA w/o bass
8. Bm Funky Blues with bass (click to listen)
9. Bm Funky Blues w/o bass (click to listen)
10. Gm Reggae with bass
11. Gm Reggae w/o bass
12. Rock Ballad in C with bass
13. Rock Ballad in C w/o bass
14. E7#9 Rock with bass
15. E7#9 Rock w/o bass

16. A Major Groove with bass
17. A Major Groove w/o bass
18. F Stepp’n with bass
19. F Stepp’n w/o bass
20. Steady in Em with bass
21. Steady in Em w/o bass
22. Raw Power with bass
23. Raw Power w/o bass
24. Pull the String in Dm with bass
25. Pull the String in Dm w/o bass
26. Am Is with bass
27. Am Is w/o bass
28. Slow Blues in E with bass
29. Slow Blues in E w/o bass

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