Creating Bass Lines


The Creating Bass Lines Package by Russ Rodgers is a collection of six video lessons that will teach you the first steps in learning how to write your own bass lines. The lessons start off by teaching you the notes of a major triad. Learning these notes in a few positions will give you options on what to play over major chords. We'll then move on to learning the same concepts for the minor triad so that you can play over minor chords. Along the way Russ will teach you a variety of lines using these note choices and then play them over backing tracks. Having a selection of notes to choose from will free you up to experiment and create your own lines. The included lessons are Major Triads, Major Triads 2, Major Triads 3, Minor Triads, Minor Triads 2, and Using Major & Minor Triads. This course features over two hours of video instruction.

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