Rock Guitar 101 Package


The Rock Guitar 101 Package by Jody Worrell is a collection video lessons for electric guitar that are designed to teach you the basics of playing rock n’ roll. We’ll start off by teaching you some rhythm techniques that will really enhance your sound when you play backup. Jody will then teach you a series of scales and simple licks that will be the backbone of your lead playing. Learning these basic musical concepts and playing techniques will allow you to move on to more advanced licks and solos in the future. The included lessons are Rock 101: Rhythm, Chord Work, Scales, Licks, Combining Licks & Chords, and Chromatic Licks. This course contains 165 minutes of video instruction, tabs, and jam tracks.

Available as Book/DVDs or Download. Select the product format you would like and then click “add to cart”.

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