Creating Acoustic Solos Package


The Creating Acoustic Solos Package by Peter Vogl is a collection of video lessons that will teach you how to play a series of acoustic guitar solos. These solos highlight concepts and techniques that work especially well on an acoustic guitar and can be applied to your own compositions. We’ll combine chords and fast single note lines, use a variety of scales and arpeggios, pick finishing notes that match the music, and cover techniques like slides, hammer ons, double stops, and more. As you move through the lessons, we’ll pick up the difficulty and speed while also moving around the neck. The solos are performed over an original tune in G that Peter wrote called The Bottom Line. The solos taught in this course can work as individual pieces or be tied together as an epic solo. This package contains over two hours of video instruction along with audio jam tracks and tabs.

Available as Book/DVDs or Download. Select the product format you would like and then click “add to cart”.

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