Guitarist’s Music Theory Book Supplemental Information

The following is a download link for the supplemental information to the course that you have purchased. If you encounter any issues with these files, please email us at

Music Theory Audio Tracks



Music Alphabet


Half Step or Minor 2nd

Whole Step or Major 2nd

Interval Quiz

Minor Third

Major 3rd

Interval Quiz

Perfect 4th

Diminished 5th, Tritone, or Flat 5

Perfect 5th

Interval Quiz

Minor 6th

Major 6th

Interval Quiz

Minor 7th

Major 7th

Interval Quiz

Perfect 8th or Octave

The Unison

Interval Quiz

Learning the Sound of Intervals

Chromatic Scale

Chromatic Scale 2

Major Scale

G Major Scale

F Major Scale

Direct Application of the Major Scale

G Major Scale

Natural Minor Scale

E Minor Scale

C Minor Scale

Relative Major & Minor, The Aeolian Relationship

G Major vs. E Minor

Parallel Major & Minor

Harmonic Minor

E Harmonic Minor

Melodic Minor

E Melodic Minor

A Minor Pentatonic Scale

A Minor Pentatonic 2

Positions of Am Pentatonic

Minor Scale vs. Minor Pentatonic

Major Pentatonic

C Major Pentatonic

Positions of C Major Pentatonic

Comparing Major & Minor Pentatonic

Blues Scale

Musical Examples of Scales

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