Rock Guitar Book – Supplemental Information

Below you can access the streaming video instruction and audio examples for this course. You can also download all of the audio files. If you encounter any issues with these files, please email us at



Getting Started


One Finger Power Chords

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Song 1 Slow

Song 1 Fast

Two Finger Power Chords

Exercise 5

Exercise 8

Exercise 11

Song 2 Slow

Song 2 Fast

Three Finger Power Chords

Song 3 Slow

Song 3 Fast

Open Power Chords

Open Power Chord Song

Song 4 Slow

Song 4 Fast

Exercise 23

Exercise 26

Song 5 Slow

Song 5 Fast

The Palm Mute

Song 5 Mute Slow

Song 5 Mute Fast

Riff 1

Riff 2

Riff 3

Riff 4

Riff 5

Riff 6

Riff 7

Riff 8

Riff 9

Riff 10

Intro Song

Am Pentatonic 1st Position

Am Pentatonic 2nd Position

Am Pentatonic 3rd Position

Am Pentatonic 4th Position

Am Pentatonic 5th Position

Em Pentatonic 1st Position

Em Pentatonic 2nd Position

Em Pentatonic 3rd Position

Em Pentatonic 4th Position

Em Pentatonic 5th Position


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