Flatpicking Guitar Songs Supplemental Information

The following is a download link for the supplemental information to the course that you have purchased. If you encounter any issues with these files, please email us at sales@cvls.com.

Download: Flatpicking Songs Audio Tracks






Will the Circle Be Unbroken – Slow


Will the Circle Be Unbroken – Fast


Wildwood Flower – Slow


Wildwood Flower – Fast


Home Sweet Home – Slow


Home Sweet Home – Fast


Cripple Creek – Slow


Cripple Creek – Fast


Red Haired Boy – Slow


Red Haired Boy – Fast


Nine Pound Hammer – Slow


Nine Pound Hammer – Fast


Sally Goodin – Slow


Sally Goodin – Fast


Old Joe Clark – Slow


Old Joe Clark – Fast


Black Mountain Rag – Slow


Black Mountain Rag – Fast


Salt River – Slow


Salt River – Fast


Billy in the Lowground – Slow


Billy in the Lowground – Fast


John Hardy – Slow


John Hardy – Fast


Chord Chart

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