Easy Banjo Songbook

Below you can access the streaming video instruction and audio files for this course. You can also download all of the mp3 jam tracks. If you encounter any issues with these files, please email us at sales@cvls.com.

Cumberland Gap 50 bpm

Cumberland Gap 60 bpm

Cumberland Gap 80 bpm

Wildwood Flower 50 bpm

Wildwood Flower 60 bpm

Wildwood Flower 75 bpm

Sally Gooden 50 bpm

Sally Gooden 60 bpm

Sally Gooden 80 bpm

8th of January 50 bpm

8th of January 65 bpm

8th of January 80 bpm

Will the Circle Be Unbroken 50bpm

Will the Circle Be Unbroken 60 bpm

Will the Circle Be Unbroken 75 bpm

Old Joe Clark 50 bpm

Old Joe Clark 60 bpm

Old Joe Clark 70 bpm

Whiskey Before Breakfast 50 bpm

Whiskey Before Breakfast 60 bpm

Whiskey Before Breakfast 75 bpm

Soldier’s Joy 50 bpm

Soldier’s Joy 60 bpm

Soldier’s Joy 80 bpm

Devil’s Dream 50 bpm

Devil’s Dream 60 bpm

Devil’s Dream 80 bpm

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