Beginner Electric Guitar Lessons – Supplemental Information

Below you can access the streaming video instruction for this course. If you encounter any issues with these files, please email us at

The Guitar

The Amp

Amp Tone

Sitting Position

Standing Position

The Guitar Pick

Using a Tuner

The Left Hand

Left Hand Exercise

How to Read Tablature

Em Chord & Chord Diagrams

Section 1 Review

The Asus2 Chord

Changing Em to Asus2

The Em Pentatonic Scale

Power Chords Part 1

Power Chords Part 2

Power Chords Part 3

Open Position Scales

Alternate Picking

Section 2 Review

G, Em, Am, and D7 Chords

G, Em, Am, D7 with Track

Muted Strumming 1

Muted Strumming 2

Am, Am7, FM7, E7 Chords

Am Pentatonic Scale

Stretching Exercise

Section 3 Review

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