Bass Guitar Primer Supplemental Information

Below you can access the streaming video instruction and audio examples for this course. You can also download all of the audio files. If you encounter any issues with these files, please email us at



Getting Started

Tuning the Bass

Right Hand Position

Our First Notes

Exercise 10

Our First Song

Alternating Bass Notes

Good Hearted Woman Slow

Good Hearted Woman Fast

Eighth Notes

Rocking Eighths Slow

Rocking Eighths Fast

Rock Shuffles

Rock Shuffle in A Slow

Rock Shuffle in A Fast

The Wanderer Slow

The Wanderer Fast

Two Beat Rhythm

Peaceful Easy Feeling Slow

Peaceful Easy Feeling Fast

Walking Bass Lines

Johnny B. Goode Slow

Johnny B. Goode Fast

Exercise 28

12 Bar Blues in E Slow

12 Bar Blues in E Fast

Exercise 29

Walking Eighths in A Slow

Walking Eighths in A Fast

Exercise 30

Walking Shuffle in E Slow

Walking Shuffle in E Fast


Exercise 33

Exercise 34

Exercise 35

Up the Neck Walks

Walking Up the Neck Slow

Walking Up the Neck Fast

Exercise 39

Bass Runs in G Slow

Bass Runs in G Fast

Walking Two Beat Slow

Walking Two Beat Fast

Exercise 41

Slow Rock Song Slow

Slow Rock Song Fast

Exercise 42

Exercise 43

Exercise 43 continued

Addicted to Love Slow

Addicted to Love Fast

Billy Jean Slow

Billy Jean Fast

Under My Thumb Slow

Under My Thumb Fast

La Bamba Slow

La Bamba Fast

Exercise 45

Exercises 46-47


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